How to: Install a custom template in blogger

Bored of the default templates available in blogger? want to apply a custom template for your blog? Don’t know how to install a custom template to your blog? .If you answer all this questions ‘yes’ ,then this article is for you. Generally everyone will be bored of that small number of templates available in blogger and were googling to find out how to apply a custom template for their blogs. This article will guide you thoroughly how to install a template in your blog.

                          First of all get your template ready. If you know html or xml you can design your own web template. If you don’t know these languages don’t worry their are hundreds of ready to apply web template available for free online. Just google the term ‘blogger templates’ and download the one which you wish to. You can find many free templates

Follow these steps to install the template in blogger

  1. Sign into your blogger account and select the blog to which you are about to apply the template.
  2. Click on ‘template’ (1).                                                                                                                               
  3. Then click on ‘backup/restore’ (2) on the right side. blogg
  4. A small window popup.
  5. It is recommended to backup your old template. so click on ‘download full template’ (3) and let the file download.
  6. click on ‘choose file’ (4) and browse for the .xml file of your template and select it.
  7. Then finally click on ‘upload’ (5) and let the file upload.



                                              That’s all! you have successfully installed you favorite template for your blog. enjoy. Have any doubts? feel free to comment your issue in comments. don't forget to share  

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