Generating and inserting favicon into blogger

You are very familiar with the symbol like a logo which appear at the browser window.This is what we call a ‘favicon’. A favicon is an important thing for a website. For the default blogger blog their will be a favicon with letter ‘B’. So if you are bored of that you can design and insert your own favicon for your blog. This article will guide you thoroughly on how you design your image for a favicon, generating favicon and finally apply it to your blogger blog. To perfectly set your blog with a good looking favicon follow these simple steps below.

Designing a logo for favicon : 
                       First of all you have to design your logo which was to be used as favicon for your site. You should do this work carefully. This  work is very important as a mistake in this will the effect on the whole. So keep in mind the following aspects before designing a logo.
  • To design your logo you can either use softwares like  aaa logo maker or simply Microsoft paint.You can also design your logo online for free online on websites like
  • Design the logo such that it describes the subject of your website.
  • It is best to use the alphabet in logo.
  • Make it look simple.

Generating favicon (.ico) file :
                        Upto now you have designed your logo image. But you can’t apply it to your a website directly as it is in image format. To apply it to your website you have to convert it from image format(.png,.jpg……) to favicon format (.ico). You can easily do this by using any one of following options.
  1. You can generate .ico file with a software called BytesX favicon generator.This is a free software you can download it here. Just download the software ,install it and run. select the size of favicon you want. It is recommended to select size 32 bit. Then browse and select the your logo image. A .ico file will be created in the selected directory which is ready to be applied to your website.
  2. Just visit one of the following websites and upload your logo image, select size and click generate a .ico file will be downloaded.
            Online favicon generators are:

Applying your favicon to blogger :
                         Finally you have to apply your favicon to your blogger blog. First sign in to your blogger account >select the blog to which you want to apply the favicon > click on layout > click ‘edit’ under the object favicon in the layout (see image below). Then upload the .ico file you generated earlier and click save.


                                          Now you have successfully applied favicon for your blog. Still any doubts ? feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to share.


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