.com domain for rs.159 on bigrock

Everyone dreams about buying a custom domain for their blog and upgrade themselves from that irritating subdomain to a new domain of their choice.This is because a buying a custom domain benefits your blog a lot. But most of people cannot afford the costly .com domain. But now your dream comes to live. Because bigrock, the domain giant is offering high discounts on .com domains. You can get a .com domain just for Rs.159.

Features of this offer

  1. You will get a .com domain for just Rs.159.
  2. The offer is only for .com domain.
  3. There are no hidden charges. The cost is inclusive of all taxes and fees.
  4. The offer is not valid for premium domains.
  5. The offer is valid only for new users. And one domain per user.
  6. There will be normal price for annual renewal (i.e, Rs.639/year).
  7. In additional you will get following addons worth Rs.5000 for free :

  • Two email accounts with 100MB space and personalised you@yourdomain.com  email address.
  • Multiple email forwards from personalised you@yourdomain.com to your existing email accounts.
  • Domain theft and privacy protection to protect you and your domain from being theived.
  • Easy to use control panel and DNS management to manage all things of your domain.
  • Domain forwarding and domain masking.

How to avail this offer

  1. Go to bigrock.com and signup with all legit information.
  2. Go to bigrock domain offer page click here. Use this referal link to get 25% discount.
  3. Search for the domain of your choice and proceed to checkout.
  4. Now enter the coupon code BRCUPNC1O5M9 and press enter. If the code doesn’t work try other codes BRC909MCUPNT9WS, BRC909MCUPNXUA8, BRC9O9MCUPN.
  5. That’s it you are done.Pay the amount and get your .com domain.

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Get free talk time everyday with tata docomo GET (Get Easy Talktime)

Tata docomo introduced a new offer to all its customers to earn some talktime everyday. As the title suggests it is very easy to earn some talktime every day on your tatadocomo mobile. You can get atleast 4 minutes everyday just by watching the ads. You can avail this offer just free of cost. To make use of this offer you have to just donload an app named ‘Tata docomo GET’ and watch ads on it. It is first time in telecom history to introduce such type of offer. Read on to find out features of this offer and how to avail it.

1) You must be a tata docomo customer.
2) You must have a data-enabled  mobile (i.e. mobile with internet facility).

How to use?
1)  Just download “tata docomo GET” app. To get this app Click here (Or) Sms FREE to 52323 and you will get an sms with download link. Presently the app is available on symbian, Java, Android and Blackberry platforms and will be made available on other platforms soon.
2) Now install app on your mobile.
3) Open the app you have installed. Then the app opens asking you for some details like gender and date of birth. Fill them and proceed.
4) Then the app downloads the ad and proceeds to next screen showing you the blank field to dial a number. Dial the number and proceed. Then an ad will be displayed giving you a free local/ STD minute. After completion of ad the asks you to proceed to call. You may cancel the call. The free minute will be credited to your account.

 1) The service is totally free of cost. It involves no download charges of app, ad. There are no hidden charges.
2) The service is available for all docomo cutomers with a data-enabled mobile.  
3) Currently available on symbian, Java, Android and Blackberry platforms and will be made available on other platforms soon
4) You will get 1 free local/STD minute for 1 ad you viewed.
5) Free minute will be credited to your bonus account balance immediately. You can check your free minutes my dialing USSD code *111*1#
6) The free talktime you get will have life validity.
7)  You can use your free minutes whenever you want. The call will be proceeded in normal way.
8) Number of free minutes you get will depend on number of ads they offer. In my personal experience I got 4 minutes a day.

1) Before starting app make sure that mobile data connection is turned ON.
2) If you have Dual-sim mobile insert docomo sim in Sim1 slot and set docomo as default sim for sms. And while accessing GET app use docomo sim for data transfer. 
3) You will get 1 minute for every ad. For a uninterupted talking cancel the call after you view the ad and call after you get atleast 10 minutes. (check the balance by dialing *111*1#)

                 Hope you like the diwali gift. If you like the article share, comment, subscribe.

Complete guide to create strong passwords and remember them


The use of internet and computers is growing quickly day by day. It is a wonder if someone doesn’t have facebook/twitter account in these days. But many of people don’t know that their password may be hacked.  And your account may be used for illegal activities. This will be very problematic. So there is necessity of setting a strong password. When you sign up on a website there arises doubts on setting a strong password. This article will guide you through to set a password that is strong and hard to be hacked. Following are the rules and guide lines to set a strong password.

1. Longer is safer
                       Your password must and should contain atleast 8-10 characters or more. If it is less than this, a hacker can easily crack it by brute force attack. Most of the websites don’t allow you to set a password with less than 8 characters. So longer your password safer it will be.

2. Don’t use alphabets alone
                       While creating your password don’t use only alphabets. You must include the following special characters:
·         Upper-case alphabets (A B C D E)
·         Lower-case alphabets  (a b c d e)
·         Symbols ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + ? = ~ . ,)
·         Numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6)
                       Use these special characters in between words. If you create a password of 14 characters use atleast 4 special characters (each once) in it or more is better.

3. Don’t include guessable info
                       It is most important to remember this thing while creating password. It is highly recommended not to use any personal and guessable info like your username or a part of username, email address, mobile number, pet name, favourite things, family members name, street/country name, habits etc., which is easy to find.

4. Don’t choose a sequence
                    Sounds funny, but worth telling. Don’t use a sequence like abcde, ABCDE, 12345, qwerty (in keyboard). Don’t use easy one like 10001, 12321, abcdcba etc.

5. Don’t use perfect word
                      Another important thing. ‘Don’t use perfect dictionary words in any language’. If you decide to use perfect words, atleast substitute the letters with symbols like
‘@’  for ‘a’ ,  ‘$’ for ‘s’ , ‘&’ for ‘and’ , ‘0’ for ‘o’ , ‘%’ for space , ‘!’ for ‘i’ , ‘2’ for ‘to’ etc.
For example if your word is “computers and internet”. Then after substitution it will look like c0mputer$%@nd%!nternet”.
                    In single word “make it as complex as possible”. After you create your password you can check your password strength with a password complexity with free tools like Microsoft password checker. If you don’t have time to set a complex password, then get a password generator. But it is recommended to do it yourself. Change your password atleast once every 6 months or even often. And create unique password every time and for every account.

But how do I remember them…?
                      It is a challenge for the people who have multiple accounts to remember their complex passwords. Even you have good memory you may forget your password. In these cases many people change their password to simple words which are problematic. And some people simply waste their time resetting their password when they forget. So use the following things to manage your password.

Get a password manager
                      Download a password manager from internet. There are lots of them. But I would recommend you to use keepass. You can store usernames and passwords of all accounts in the directory of this password manger. These passwords are stored safely with 256 bits encryption and are locked with a master password. So don’t worry about your passwords security.

Use passphrase
                         If you still feel that a password manager is insecure, then you can use this and the next tip to remember your passwords. To remember your passwords just choose your favourite phrase and use initials of words in it as password.                                                                                                                                                 
For example: If your phrase is “Egypt is the gift of Nile” then use password like “EitgoN”

Use base word trick
                       This trick works best. First choose a base word and then apply all rules which are explained early in this article. This makes it easy to remember your password.
For example:  Base word is ‘computers’. Then on applying all rules this will look like ‘c0Mputer$14’ with numbers and all other special characters and is a strong password.

                           Hope this article helped you to get out of trouble of setting a strong password and also remembering it. Don’t forget to comment, share and follow.

Tweet and watch favourite programs simultaneously on airtel digital tv

twitter on airtel digital tv
Airtel, the telecom giant introduced a never before convergence by allowing the users of airtel digital TV to view tweets of popular shows and celebrities on their TV screens. This was the first in the world of DTH. And this was the revolutionary innovation in DTH history. This service was available to all users of airtel digital TV users.  

                  The service was powered by brizz TV, Bangalore and is allowed to be used by all the customers  across the India. With no additional charges the customers all over the country can now view the tweets of their favourite shows and celebrities LIVE right on their TV screens . To enable and access this service the users have to just press the green button on their airtel digital TV remote. They can open and close the tweets window at any time by pressing the green button on remote.

                   By this service users can view the tweets by and on their favourite programs, sports, celebrities, personalities etc., which they are watching. They can also tweet about them with their respective hash tags. And these tweets are viewed live as soon as they are tweeted. For now this service was only available on selected channels but it will be extended to all the other. This service requires no internet connection. Users can enjoy both TV programs and tweets parallel on same TV screen. This service will be live from 23rd October 2013.

                    So users can enjoy tweets by their favourites with no internet connection and no twitter account. As to our belief users cannot view their own dashboard as it requires you to sign into your twitter account. This is because it involves sending and receiving data which requires a broadband connection.

                   Previously airtel on joint collaboration with facebook offered its users to use facebook free for two months. Later on agreement with Google launched freezone in India allowing its users to search Google and use  Gmail, Google+ for free. On the other hand twitter tied up with Vodafone & reliance to access twitter for free.

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Get Able2Doc 7.0 and Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 (worth $100) for free

 Yeah! you heard right you can get the complete set of two pdf tools each worth $49.95 just for free. This was the official giveaway by investintech.com . You can get these tools by liking their facebook page and following them on twitter. listed below are the features of these products.

Able2Doc 7.0

Given below is the screenshot of able2doc pdf to word converter (click to enlarge)

  • Pinpoint selective conversion: select and convert only the content you need
  • PDF to MS Word conversion (.DOCX, .RTF,  and Word 2007)
  • Various MS Word outputs available: Text, Frames and Standard
  • Convert to MS Word open source alternative, Open Office Writer (ODT)
  • Several PDF to Word conversion options for complex graphics, tables, and simple text
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux

How to get it for free:

  1. “Like” the Investintech Facebook page  and head over to the Giveaway Tab.
  2. Copy the free 5-digit download code.
  3. Paste the code into the field on the Able2Doc product page.

  • Click on “Download”

  • Capture

    Note: keep an eye out for the directions on the Giveaway Tab once you hit the “Like” button because you’ll only get it once. Moreover, you only have 120 seconds to take advantage of the offer.

    Sonic pdf creator 3.0

    Given below is the screenshot of Sonic pdf creator (click to enlarge)


    • PDF file editing:  merge and split PDFs;  add or delete pages; edit PDF properties
    • PDF security options: add encryption, watermarks and passwords
    • PDF creation: add headers, footers, bookmarks, attachments
    • Create booklets, handouts and PowerPoint files
    • Batch conversion to PDF

    How to get it for free:
    1. “Like” the Investintech Facebook page.
    2. Enter your Twitter handle in the timed dialog. Click on “Submit”. (you will be given only 120 seconds to do this when you like their facebook page )
    3. Retweet their official giveaway message  (ensure that Facebook popups are enabled and that you are logged in to Twitter).
    4. Follow @able2extract on Twitter to receive your Sonic PIN via Direct Message.

    Note: They’ll be verifying your entry to make sure it meets all requirements:  retweet, follow and user handle submission. They will not be online 24/7, They’ll be distributing PINs during business hours Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 9am to 5pm. This is a limited period offer.
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    Get your google+ profile picture displayed in google search results (google authorship setup)

    “Your google plus profile picture and a link to your profile displayed in search results”. Sounds great. You can make your google+ profile pic displayed just to the left side of your blog/website or a guest article written by you along with the a link to your g+ profile and number of people who follow you (see picture below). In other words you may call it “Google Authorship”.

    What do you get from this ?
                           Yeah! Its pretty easy to do that. But what do get by this. By this you will get some benefits, which are listed below :
    1. It is believed that search results which have a photo to the left of it are receiving notably more traffic than that those with no photo.
    2. If you want to increase your brand value just publicize yourself as much as possible, which can be done easily by this.
    3. You may notice from your personal experience that for a googler, it seems to him that the result with the photo is trustworthy.
    4. It will surely increase your traffic. Because if your wrote a good post which a person like and he had seen your photo. For the next time when he see any search result with your photo he will surely click on it . 
              There are two methods to do this depending on email address you have. If you have on your domain name (i.e. if your domain name is www.abc.com and your email address is john@abc.com) then use method-1. If you don’t have email address on your domain name, then use method-2.

               Check that you have a email address (for example, john@abc.com)on the same domain as your content (abc.com). And also make sure that you have a ‘By’ line on your website (for example: ‘posted by john’). And create a google plus profile if don’t have one already. Make sure that photo on google+ profile is clear. Now go to google authorship page and type your email address in the blank field and click on ‘signup for authorship’. Then a confirmation email will be sent to your email account. Confirm your authorship by clicking link on this email. You are done now.

    Things you need
    • A Google+ profile .
    • An about me page in your blog.
    • A bit of patience
    • ‘By’ line on your website (for example: ‘posted by john’)

    1. Set up a google profile. Give all the information and your genuine email address. A good google+  profile can get you success in blogging. If you don’t’ have one yet create on here.
    2. Write an about me page in your blog. If you already done that skip this step. For blogger users it is recommended to use static page to write about me page.
    3. From this about me page place a link to your google plus profile. But add a ?rel=author attribute to it. The format will look like this

     <a href="[google+_profile_Url]?rel=author”>Google +</a>

    To find url for your google + profile login to your g+ account > click on about tab > copy the url from browser’s url box (see image below)

    4. Run back to your google plus account and  jump to about  tab at the top

                           Now scroll down until you find Links section. And click on edit , then a window pops up. Now add link your blog address to ‘contributor to’ and address of your  About me page of your blog to ‘other profiles’. 


                 Click on save. That’s all you are done. You now need to be patient until the search engine recognizes you as the author of the particular blog and show your photo. If your blog is hosted by Google (blogger) then you have more chances of getting your photo shown quickly. You can check our authorship status here. If you have any queries feel free to leave it in comments. Like our Facebook fan page and subscribe to rss for instant updates.

    Alternative Ways of recharging in Paytm

    paytm logo

    Paytm is the leading online recharge site these days. You can recharge your mobile, DTH, data card and toll card. But logging in and recharging your mobile every time will be irritating. It may not be possible to login and recharge at paytm site if you are away from internet. So there are 3 alternative ways to get your mobile recharged even under these circumstances.

    1. Get recharged through app
    If you have mobile with internet you can get your things recharged instantly through paytm’s mobile app. Paytm offers mobile app for multiple mobile platforms. Paytm app is now offered for Nokia, Windows, Android, Blackberry, I OS. Download app for your mobile platform below.

    clip_image009   clip_image002     clip_image004   clip_image006     clip_image008 
                                If you don’t have internet available on your mobile, still you have other 2 ways of recharging which don’t need internet.

    2. Recharge through IVRS (call)
                                                 This is the easiest way of all. You can recharge just by dialling a toll-free number 1800-1800-1234. To avail this facility you have to do 3 things.
    1. Log into your paytm account. Add your mobile number by going to my account > Profile and add Mobile number. (Note: you can only recharge from this mobile number.)
    2. Jump to ‘call for recharge’ tab and tick the right mark on the left side of ‘OK I got it’.
    3. Add cash to your paytm cash.
    4. Dial 1800-1800-1234 from the mobile number you have just added and follow IVR instructions.



    3. Recharging through SMS
                                               This is another simplest way to recharge. You just have to send an sms to get your mobile recharged. To avail this facility do the following things.

    1. Log into your paytm account. Add your mobile number by going to my account > Profile and add Mobile number. (Note: you can only recharge from this mobile number.)
    2. Jump to ‘SMS for recharge’ tab and tick the right mark on the left side of ‘Sure’.
    3. Add cash to your paytm cash.
    4. Send an SMS in the following format to 09880001234 from the mobile number you have added to your profile.



    For general talk time recharges :
    PAYTM<space>recharge amount

    For special recharges (only on BSNL, MTNL, Videocon, Uninor, and Tata Docomo):
    PAYTM<space>recharge amount<space>SPL

    Note: For recharge through both SMS and IVRS you should have paytm cash filled.
                                                  So happily get your mobile recharged without running to mobile recharge store. Spend a little time to share this article. Feel free to leave a comment

    How to: Install a custom template in blogger

    Bored of the default templates available in blogger? want to apply a custom template for your blog? Don’t know how to install a custom template to your blog? .If you answer all this questions ‘yes’ ,then this article is for you. Generally everyone will be bored of that small number of templates available in blogger and were googling to find out how to apply a custom template for their blogs. This article will guide you thoroughly how to install a template in your blog.

                              First of all get your template ready. If you know html or xml you can design your own web template. If you don’t know these languages don’t worry their are hundreds of ready to apply web template available for free online. Just google the term ‘blogger templates’ and download the one which you wish to. You can find many free templates btemplates.com.

    Follow these steps to install the template in blogger

    1. Sign into your blogger account and select the blog to which you are about to apply the template.
    2. Click on ‘template’ (1).                                                                                                                               
    3. Then click on ‘backup/restore’ (2) on the right side. blogg
    4. A small window popup.
    5. It is recommended to backup your old template. so click on ‘download full template’ (3) and let the file download.
    6. click on ‘choose file’ (4) and browse for the .xml file of your template and select it.
    7. Then finally click on ‘upload’ (5) and let the file upload.



                                                  That’s all! you have successfully installed you favorite template for your blog. enjoy. Have any doubts? feel free to comment your issue in comments. don't forget to share  

    Generating and inserting favicon into blogger

    You are very familiar with the symbol like a logo which appear at the browser window.This is what we call a ‘favicon’. A favicon is an important thing for a website. For the default blogger blog their will be a favicon with letter ‘B’. So if you are bored of that you can design and insert your own favicon for your blog. This article will guide you thoroughly on how you design your image for a favicon, generating favicon and finally apply it to your blogger blog. To perfectly set your blog with a good looking favicon follow these simple steps below.

    Designing a logo for favicon : 
                           First of all you have to design your logo which was to be used as favicon for your site. You should do this work carefully. This  work is very important as a mistake in this will the effect on the whole. So keep in mind the following aspects before designing a logo.
    • To design your logo you can either use softwares like  aaa logo maker or simply Microsoft paint.You can also design your logo online for free online on websites like logomaker.com
    • Design the logo such that it describes the subject of your website.
    • It is best to use the alphabet in logo.
    • Make it look simple.

    Generating favicon (.ico) file :
                            Upto now you have designed your logo image. But you can’t apply it to your a website directly as it is in image format. To apply it to your website you have to convert it from image format(.png,.jpg……) to favicon format (.ico). You can easily do this by using any one of following options.
    1. You can generate .ico file with a software called BytesX favicon generator.This is a free software you can download it here. Just download the software ,install it and run. select the size of favicon you want. It is recommended to select size 32 bit. Then browse and select the your logo image. A .ico file will be created in the selected directory which is ready to be applied to your website.
    2. Just visit one of the following websites and upload your logo image, select size and click generate a .ico file will be downloaded.
                Online favicon generators are:

    Applying your favicon to blogger :
                             Finally you have to apply your favicon to your blogger blog. First sign in to your blogger account >select the blog to which you want to apply the favicon > click on layout > click ‘edit’ under the object favicon in the layout (see image below). Then upload the .ico file you generated earlier and click save.


                                              Now you have successfully applied favicon for your blog. Still any doubts ? feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to share.

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